How to Care for Birch Trees

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Do your birch trees in a little sprucing up?

Happy holidays to you and your family from all of us here at Rootwell Products, Inc. We hope that your holiday was full of joy, good food and great gifts. Today, here at Rootwell, we are sharing about birch trees and how to prune them.

Birch trees are often difficult to grow because of often they are affected by insects. While these trees can live up to 50 years more, many do not make it past 20. In addition to insect infestations, birch trees tend to have very shallow roots which also lead to an early death.

The Rootwell

To keep your birch strong and beautiful for 40 plus years, install Rootwell Pro318s around the perimeter of the tree.  The Rootwell Pro318 is a scientifically engineered root aeration tube. This product will solve your shallow root problem. The Rootwell promotes deep root growth. It does this by providing the oxygen, water and nutrients directing to your roots allowing the roots to grow deeper into the ground rather than the top of the soil.

Pruning Birch Trees

Another way to care for you birch trees is to prune the tree during the trees’ dormancy. The tree is in dormancy during the winter. Dormancy means that the tree is alive and well, however, it is not growing. Here are a few tips to pruning your birch trees:

  • Start by cutting the dead, broken or diseased branches.
  • According to Garden Guides, the branches that have a u-shape are the strongest while the v-shape or the weakest and are likely to break. Focus your pruning on the v-shaped branches.
  • Make sure to prune any of the older branches every few years to allow for new growth.

Your Turn

What is your favorite type of tree? Please share your favorite in the comments below.

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