How to Choose the Right Mulch for Your Landscaping – Part 1

Landscaping mulchThis is the beginning of a two part series on mulch. During this series, we will be taking a deeper look at mulch and how to determine the best mulch for your landscape.

Having a difficult time picking out mulch for your landscape?

Mulch. It is rare to see a landscape without mulch these days. The use of mulch is growing and is becoming a popular accent to many yards. Not only can mulch improve the aesthetics of your yard, it can also cut down weeding, increase the fertility of your soil and help to conserve the soil’s moisture. Knowing the right mulch for your landscape can be tricky, but with the know-how your landscape will the best in the neighborhood.

Types of Mulch

The first step to selecting mulch is to identify the different types of mulch.

  • Inorganic Mulch
    Inorganic mulch is going to offer you the lowest maintenance. Inorganic mulch slowly decays. Examples of inorganic mulch are crushed stones and gravel. Currently, landscape fabric or geotextiles are being used as a barrier to prevent the growth of weeds. Often, a layer of mulch is placed over landscape fabric to improve aesthetics and to slow degradation of the fabric from exposure to light. Advantages of inorganic mulch include slow decay – if at all and low maintenance.
  • Organic Mulch
    Organic mulch includes a diverse selection from animals and plants. Examples are grass clippings, pine needles, sawdust, straw, ground corn cobs and recycled wood and paper. There is a wide variety of “designer mulch”. Commercial mulch that is generated from recycled wood pallets, ground and painted in natural or designer colors, are increasingly popular. In addition, the use of composted manure and sewage sludge that has been blended with coarser products, such as wood chips, has also become increasingly available for use as mulchBoth inorganic and organic are great choices, but you will need to choose what is best for your landscaping needs. This is the first choice and the start to your fabulous landscape.

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