How to Grow and Care for Flawless Pumpkins – Part 1


Do you love pumpkin?

Do you wish you could just head back into your own yard for the perfect pumpkin?

Happy Wednesday! On this beautiful fall day, we are sharing what we know about pumpkins! Whether it’s a pumpkin latte, pumpkin bread or pumpkin pie, tis the season for pumpkin! How would you like to grow flawless pumpkins?

Today is the start to a series on growing and caring for pumpkins.

We will be sharing 6 tricks to growing the perfect pumpkin:

  1. Be Choosey
    You want to choose a pumpkin that is right for you. What I mean by that is a pumpkin that is right for your climate and zone. If you don’t know what zone you are in visit, How to Understand Gardening Zone.
  2. Compost
    Add compost to your soil before you plant. This will help your pumpkins seeds to grow. Compost actually helps your soil retain moisture by feeding the soil as it decomposes.
  3. Location, Location, Location
    When gardening, choosing the right location is so important. Pumpkins love sun and prefer it all day long. Choose a location that allows your pumpkin to soak in the rays.
  4. The Rootstick
    Remember to install the Rootstick when planting pumpkins. By doing this, your pumpkins get the water they need and their roots will grow deep into the soil ensuring flawless pumpkins.
  5. Planting and Thinning
    According to Better Homes and Gardens:

    One rule of the pros is to plant generously, thin ruthlessly. The classic pumpkin hill is a slight hump planted with three to six seeds.

  6. When to Plant
    It is best to plant your pumpkins when frost is not an issue and the daytime temperatures are about 70 degrees.

Please be sure to check back as we continue our growing and caring for pumpkins series.

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