How to Grow Carrots in 7 Easy Steps

How to Grow Carrots in 7 Easy Steps

Do you want the freshest and most organic carrots you can get?

People everywhere are becoming more and more interested in buying fresh organic produce. Today, we want to share how you can get cheap organic carrots.

So, how do you provide your family with the best organic carrots? You grow them yourself. Don’t worry; we are going to make it easy and painless.

  1. Pick out the type of carrot you want to plant. Mostly likely you will pick an orange traditional carrot, but just in case you want options, take the time to research the kind of carrot you want.
  2. Organic Gardening recommends, “To produce the best crop possible, double-dig your planting area or build up a raised bed. Loose, rock-free soil is the goal. If you have heavy soil, add plenty of mature compost.”
  3. Most carrots take 70-80 days to mature. Make sure to plant them up to 3 weeks before the season’s last predicted frost with enough time to allow for the carrots to mature.
  4. When you plant, allow for 6 seeds per inch. You won’t see them sprout up for as early as 1 week and a long as 3 weeks.
  5. Cover the seeds with up to a half inch of compost. Then water gently.
  6. Install Rootsticks. The Rootstick will provide your carrots with the oxygen, nutrients, and water they need to grow big, strong, and delicious.
  7. When the carrot tops are two inches tall, it is important to thin them so that they are 1 inch apart. Over crowded carrots will cause crooked roots. Two weeks later, thin the carrots again to 3 to 4 inches apart.

By following these 7 easy steps, you will be rewarded with organic carrots that you were hoping for in 80 days. Have a wonderful weekend and happy planting!

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