Potted Christmas tree care

How to Keep a Potted Christmas Tree Alive

Potted Christmas tree care

Would you love a fresh tree this year for Christmas?

Have you had trouble keeping your potted Christmas trees alive?

We hope your Thanksgiving was full of wonderful food and great times family. If you are not out shopping, you may be thinking of putting your tree up. I love the smell of a fresh pine tree, however, I’m not always able to get to a Christmas Tree Farm.  Having a potted Christmas tree may be a great option.

This year, my family really wants a fresh Christmas tree, and I have been researching what is involved with a Christmas tree in a pot. I am all about keeping things simple and Christmas is one of those times a year I cling to simplicity. Today, we are going to share about how to keep a potted Christmas tree alive.

Here are a Few Ways to Keep Your Potted Christmas Tree Alive

  • Install Root Starter Sticks. Root Starter Sticks are a direct to root water system and if your potted Christmas Tree has any chance of survival, you have to water it consistently.
  • According to the Royal Horticultural Society, it it best to wait and bring your potted tree indoors the weekend before Christmas.
  • Place the potted tree in a cool room to reduce stress and damage.
  • The typical ‘shelf’ life for a tree indoors is 12 days, however, if you keep a close eye and the tree and it looks healthy, you are all set.  If the tree looks stressed place it outside.


A live potted Christmas tree is a great way to not only enjoy the holiday spirit, but to enjoy after the holidays by planting it into the ground. With a few tips to help keep the live tree thriving, you will be well on your way to adding another evergreen to your yard.

Your Turn

Have you ever had a potted Christmas tree? Would you recommend having one for the holidays?


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