How To Keep Your Christmas Tree Alive

Christmas Tree Alive

Do you love having a fresh Christmas tree, but hate how quickly they can die?

Are you hoping to get your fresh Christmas tree early enough for the Christmas party, but somehow have it last until Christmas Day?

So, you’ve found the perfect tree, you’ve hung all your ornaments proudly, the lights are up and the star is on top. As you take a step back to admire your hard work, you notice that a few branches drooping.

Isn’t that so frustrating? But, have no fear Rootwell is here! Today, we are going to be sharing about how to keep your Christmas tree alive.

Keep Your Christmas Tree Alive By:

  • For the first 24 hours, your beautiful new tree is going to be very thirsty. According to Better Homes and Gardens, we are talking about your Christmas tree drinking 1 gallon of water in that first 24 hours alone.
  • Beyond the first 24 hours, your Christmas tree will need about 1 quart per every inch of the trunk daily.
  • If your tree looks to be drying out, make a cut on the stump. The fresh cut will allow for water to be absorbed again.
  • Place your tree away from the fire place or a heating vent. These heat sources will cause your tree to dry out faster.
  • Money Saving Tip:Use tap water to water your tree. Additives can cause your tree to decay quicker.
  • The Daily Green recommends:

    Some people swear by commercial Christmas tree preservatives, which can be mixed into the water in the stand. Many people have found success in their tree longevity by mixing a tablespoon of corn syrup or sugar in the basin water as a food source for the tree. (Some people say they use aspirin.)

What are some of your “tried and true” ways to keep your Christmas tree looking fresh throughout the season?

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