How to Plant Bare Root Trees in 8 Simple Steps

How to Plant Bare Root Trees in 8 Simple Steps

All around the county people are planting bare root trees. Are you wondering what a bare root tree is? A bare root tree is simply a tree that has been dug up and stored without any soil around the roots. Trees that have been purchased with “bare roots” can be planted directly into the ground.

Why are bare root trees popular? According to the University of Massachusetts, there are definite advantages to planting bare root trees including:

  • Bare root trees have more root mass.
  • They cost less money because they require less materials and labor.
  • Are easier to plant especially if they are young trees because they do not weigh a great deal and are easy to transport.

Follow the following 8 steps for a simple and easy guide to planting your bare root trees.

8 Simple Step to Planting Bare Root Trees

  1. Unwrap the Tree

    Carefully unwrap the bare root tree from its container. Make sure to clear off any debris while making sure not to damage the tree.

  2. Soak the Roots

    Soak the roots in a container full of water for about 4-6 hours before planting. Hydration is crucial to the tree surviving the shock of planting.

  3. Dig the Hole

    Dig the hole so that it is deeper and wider than the root ball. Make sure to remove all stems and weeds from the hole.

  4. Plant the Tree Ground Level

    Check the trunk of the tree for a mark. The mark will be a darker color on the bark. According to, this is the mark of the place where ground level was when the tree was originally planted.

    When planting the tree in your backyard. That mark should be seen slightly above the ground. Make sure to spread out the roots when placing the tree.

  5. Fill in the Hole

    Fill in the hole with the soil that was removed when you dug the hole. Better Homes and Garden’s recommends to pour water into the half-filled hole. This will help in reducing air bubbles and help settle the roots into position.

  6. Install Aeration Tubes

    Make sure to install your aeration tubes when planting your new tree. Aeration tubes have been scientifically proven to encourage deep root growth and even above ground growth.

  7. Water

    Water the tree again. Make sure to pour water down the aeration tube, as well as saturating the soil. Make sure to continue to water your tree about every 2 weeks during its first summer.

  8. Mulch

    Adding mulch around the tree is a great way to help keep in moisture. It will also help keep the soil warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Bare root trees have a number of distinct advantages and by using these easy to follow directions for planting, your new trees will be flourishing in no time.

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