How to Water Your Lawn and Get Great Results

How to Water Your Lawn and Get Great Results

Are you noticing that the temperatures are getting hotter?

How is the increase in temperatures impacting on your lawn?

Welcome back after the long weekend. I hope you enjoyed a wonderful weekend with family and friends.

We all love the look for a fresh green lawn. Sometimes getting there is harder than we thought. Today, we are going to help with that. We are breaking down a video that the Huffington Post published from HGTV.

This is a video of Ahmed Hassan, a professional landscaper. In the video he gives amazing tips on how to water your lawn.

First Things First, How Does You Lawn Drink?

When I was watching the video, I thought this part was genius because many people don’t know how plants including grass, drink in the water. Did you know that plants do not draw out the water from the soil? Instead, after being “saturated” in water, the plants slowly absorb what is leftover.

So, the goal with watering your lawn becomes saturating the soil, so that your grass can slowly drink in the leftovers. You’ll know your lawn is saturated by the squishing sound that is made under your feet. The amount you lawn need will depend on what type of soil you have.

What Time Should You Water?

At Rootwell Products Inc., we recommend that you water your lawn either in at dusk or dawn. This will provide you lawn with the optimal time to drink in the water without risking mold or overexposure to the sun.

How Much Should You Water?

Like we said earlier, you want to saturate your lawn. Only through trial and error will you find the saturation point. Once you find it, it will be trial and error again to see how long you can go in between watering.

Make sure to visit the Huffington Post and watch the video for more information. If you have any more questions about watering your lawn, please add them to the comments section. Have a wonderful week everyone and we will see you back here for Easy – To – Grow – Wednesday.

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