How to Keep Trees Alive Even In a Drought

How to Keep Trees Alive

Have you lost trees because of the harsh summers?

Already the temperatures are rising and the warmer weather is on its way. Even in southeast Michigan, lawns are turning green again and the ground has thawed.

This is the time of year that many people start to plant new trees or take stock of the trees that didn’t make it through the winter. If you are planning to plant a tree in honor of Earth Day and want to see that tree survive any type of weather even a drought, this article is for you.

Tips to Keep Trees Alive

  1. Plan Ahead
    Before you even plant the tree it is helpful to do some research on the tree. Pay close attention to things like how it grows in the zone you live in, what type of soil the tree prefers and how much sun it needs.

    Knowing that clay soil holds water well offering extra moisture to your trees and sandy soil hardly holds water can help you in know how much your tree needs to be watered.

  2. Add Mulch
    A great way to help the tree retain moisture is by adding mulch. Not sure how to choose which type of mulch is best for you and your trees? Please visit our series on choosing the right mulch for you.

  3. Install Aeration Tubes
    This may be the best advice we can give. One of the biggest problems with trees not making through a hot summer or drought is that their roots are not deep enough.

    When we water the surface of the soil, the tree’s roots grow near where the water is. This keeps the roots shallow.

    When aeration tubes are installed around the tree water, oxygen and nutrient are able to saturate the soil just below the root zone. This causes the roots to grow deeper. Rootwell Products Inc.’s Pro 318 is a scientifically proven aeration tube.

    Deep Roots = Strong Trees


Aeration tubes have been scientifically proven to help trees deepen their root growth and their above ground growth. Adding mulch is another great way to help the soil retain moisture and planning ahead will help you have the most success in keep your trees alive no matter the weather.

Are you planning to plant a tree for Earth Day?

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