March Gardening Tips for the Southwest

March gardening tips

Are you wondering how much to water your lawn?

Would you like to start planting some vegetables?

March has come in roaring like a lion and it finally is starting to look like spring it is on its way. This has been on cold and snowy winter for many areas in the U.S. Even our neighbors in the southwestern part of the country have felt the sting of this difficult winter.

As we turned our clocks forward this past weekend, we are also looking forward to spring and starting our gardening.

March Gardening Tips

US Gardening Region Map

Today, we want to share with those of you in the southwest part of the country some gardening tips and tricks to do all month long. We are covering four different areas of gardening and the tips to go with them.

Landscaping Tips

  • Water your lawn “deeply” meaning about 1 to 2 times a week. In our article, How to Water Your Lawn and Get Great Results, we share some tips about watering your lawn.
  • A great way to avoid pesky weeds in your lawn is to set up a regular schedule for when you mow your lawn.
  • Don’t mow your lawn if it is wet. Let your lawn dry before you mow it.

Fruits and Vegetables Tips

  • It is time to start sowing those cold-season crops like carrots, cabbage, green onions and beets.
  • According to Better Homes and Gardens, sow the rest of your vegetables two weeks after the average last frost in your area. This includes sweet corn, cucumbers, cantaloupe, squash and sunflowers.
  • To help prevent weeds and retain moisture, add mulch or compost to your flowers and vegetable gardens.

Perennials Tips

  • March is the perfect month to divide your summer and fall blooming perennials and to replant them.
  • This is also a great month to fertilize your perennials.

General Gardening Tips for March

  • Remove any branches from your trees that have been damaged by frost.
  • Install Rootwell Pro318 aeration tubes around any newly planted tree or a tree that is struggling to survive. Rootwell Pro318s are scientifically proven to enhance root growth and tree growth overall.


After a winter like we have had, I know I’m really looking forward to this month of March. While spring is starting to spring, remember that winter isn’t quite over yet, however, there are items to start working on in your garden and landscape.

Your Turn

What is the first thing on your gardening “to-do” list this spring?

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