November Gardening Tips for the Northeast

November Gardening Tips - Northeast Region

Are you planning to plant your Christmas tree after the holiday?

Have you been wondering how long you should keep watering your trees and shrubs?

Today, we would like to explore the answers to these questions, and what needs to happen in your yard before winter comes in full force.

Northeast Region of the U.S. November Gardening Tips

U.S. Gardening Region Map

Landscaping Tips

  • As long as the ground isn’t frozen, make sure to keep watering your trees and shrubs.
  • If you are planning to plant your Christmas tree after the holidays, do yourself a huge favor by digging the hole now. Better Homes and Gardens recommends that you stuff the hole with leaves or cover it with a tarp.
  • Organic Gardening suggests that you pick up all of the fallen leaves and shred or compost them. Leaves can add to your compost pile but after shredding them they can also add a lot to your lawn’s soil.

Fruit and Vegetable Tips

  • Till your vegetable garden. This will help reduce pests and disease when spring comes.
  • Remember to take the time and pick up all of the fruit left on your lawn from your fruit trees. Eliminating the leftover fruit will help reduce your lawn’s chances of disease and pests.
  • You can still plant garlic this month by following the directions in How to Plant and Grow Garlic Organically.

Perennial and Annual Tips

  • The Old Farmer’s Almanac recommends covering perennial gardens with mulch after the ground has frozen.
  • You can continue to plant your spring blooming bulbs as long as the ground is workable. Find out how to do just that in, Backyard Gardening Tips: How to Plant Spring Flower Bulbs.
  • A great way to protect your flower beds and bulb beds from the winter is by covering them with mulch after the ground freezes.

General Gardening Tips

  • Turn your compost pile before winter arrives.
  • Make sure to check off everything on the Fall Clean Up List.


With winter right around the corner, there are a number things to complete in your garden before the freezing temperatures set in. From landscaping to general gardening, these tips will help you prepare for winter.

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