November Gardening Tips for the Pacific Northwest

November Gardening Tips for the Pacific Northwest
Just when you thought it was time to head inside for the winter, you find this article full of information about what your yard needs this month. Winter is coming, but not just yet. In this article, you will find exactly what you need to know about doing a fall clean up and planting new trees.

From landscaping tips to fruits and vegetables tips to general gardening tips, here is what you need to know to prepare your monthly to-do list if you live in the Pacific Northwest Region of the United States.

November Gardening Tips

Landscaping Tips

U.S. Gardening Region Map

  • Fall is the best time to plant trees and shrubs because planting now allows the trees to establish their roots prior to spring.
  • Watering your newly planted trees and shrubs is very important. For more information on newly planted trees please see, What Every New Gardener Needs to Know About Plant Trees.
  • Better Homes and Gardens remind us that anything planted in the last 12 months needs to be watered regularly. Oftentimes, drought during the first winter is the reason plants die.

Fruit and Vegetable Tips

  • Our friends at the Old Farmer’s Almanac recommend covering up your asparagus and rhubarb beds with composted manure and straw this month.

General Gardening Tips

  • Grow your own holiday gifts like the beautiful flowering amaryllis. For information on how to grow amaryllis, please see, Holiday Gifts You Can Grow – How to Grow Amaryllis.
  • This month is the time to do your fall clean up. Some items that need to be done this month are removing all dead and diseased plants, putting mulch around trees, and cleaning and storing all gardening tools. Be sure to drain your hoses before putting them away.
  • For tips on what you need to know for your fall clean up, check out Backyard Gardening: Your Fall Clean Up Guide.
  • If you have had trouble with newly planted trees and shrubs, try installing aeration tubes. Aeration tubes are a direct-to-root watering system that provide oxygen, water, and nutrients to the root zone.

Additional Tip

Not sure about aeration tubes? The University of Arizona did a study to see if they really work. To find out the results, please see Scientific Study Proves Rootwell Watering System Works.

Preparing your garden before winter will not only save you time when spring rolls around, but it can also save you money by not having to replace trees and shrubs that did not survive the winter. By using the above tips on what to do in your garden if you live in the Pacific Northwest, you will be well on your way to preparing for not only the freezing temperatures of winter, but for the spring as well.

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