October Gardening Tips and Tricks

October Gardening Tips & Tricks

Looking for something to do in your garden this October?

Are you wondering how to keep your flowers blooming for several weeks?

October is here. It is time for pumpkin picking, apple orchards, and hay rides. Today, we would like to share some October gardening tips and tricks to keep your gardening blooming and healthy for next spring.

Tips and Tricks

  • Believe it or not, but you can continue to enjoy that beautiful garden for a few more weeks. Pay close attention to the nights when it may frost. On those nights, use sheets or lightweight traps to loosely spread over your plants. This will lock in the heat stored in the ground. The flowers you can do this with are:
    • Begonias
    • Petunias
  • Plants and Trees to plant this month are, according to Fairy Gardens in the Flower Patch:
    • Burning Bush
    • Camellia
    • Ornamental Cabbage
    • Kale
    • Pansies Viburnum
    • Crape Myrtles
    • Red Sunset Maple
    • Nadina
    • Mums
  • Right now is the time to plant your tulips for the spring.
  • Time for Fall Clean up. According to University of Minnesota, fall clean up includes:

    “Garden cleanup in the fall should include removing any diseased plant tops but healthy perennials, ornamental grasses and some annuals can be left standing for winter interest, to catch snow and provide seeds for birds. Clean up fallen apples, apple leaves with spots, over-ripe vegetables and tomato plants that had disease problems this year and dispose of them off of your property. Many of the disease and insect pests overwinter in plant material and good sanitation will reduce pest problems next year.”

  • Go ahead and transplant any peonies. If you want to multiply your plants, divide them into separate containers.
  • As long as your grass is growing continue to mow it.
  • October is the best month to fertilize your lawn.

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