October Gardening Tips for the Southeast Region

October Gardening Tips for the Southeast Region

Is it time to start planting spring flowering bulbs?

What is the best time of year to plant trees?

For our friends in the Southeast Region of the United States, the beginning of October may feel more like summer than fall. However, by the end of the month you may see frost on your lawn. This article provides what to do in your yard this month from gardening tips to lawn care.

October Gardening Tips

Landscaping Tips

  • Plant trees and shrubs this month. Planting in the fall is the best time of year because it allows the trees and shrubs to grow deep roots before spring.
  • If you have had a hard time growing trees and shrubs in your soil, trying installing a direct-to-root watering system like aeration tubes. Rootwell Products Inc’s Pro318s are scientifically proven to help.
  • Adding a layer of mulch to your trees and shrubs is a great way to keep them warm during the winter months have help the soil to maintain moisture.
  • Use your fall leaves as mulch. All you need to do is use a mulching lawn mower, collect the leaves and sprinkle them around trees, shrubs, and flower beds.

Fruit and Vegetable Tips

Perennial and Annual Tips

General Gardening Tips

  • Watering – According to Organic Gardening the rain may slow down this month. Because of this, make sure to keep an eye on your plants and keep watering.

    *Quick Tip: Install Rootwell Product Inc. Pro-318s – aeration tubes to easily provide water, oxygen, and nutrients to your plants root zone.

Final Tip

With the leaves falling and your weekend appearing to be full of fall cleanup chores, you won’t want to miss our article, Backyard Gardening: How to Rake Leaves.

Bringing it Home
The end of October brings a number of gardening chores for the Southeast Region of the United States. With these tips from landscaping to watering, you will be on your way to preparing your garden and lawn for the winter months as well as preparing for spring.

Your Turn
Do you have a gardening tip to add to this list for the Southeast Region of the United States?

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