October Gardening Tips for the Southwest

October Gardening Tips for the Southwest

When is the best time to plant a fall garden?

Is it still a good time to plant trees and shrubs?

Fall is officially here. The leaves are changing and it’s time to plant trees and shrubs. It is also time to prepare your garden for winter. Read through the following list of tips for what to do in your yard this month in the Southwest Region of the United States.

October Gardening Tips

Landscaping Tips

U.S. Gardening Region Map

  • Plant your trees and shrubs now to make sure they have become established prior to spring growth.
  • As the days become shorter, cut back on how much you are watering to help prepare your garden, grass, trees and flowers for the winter.
  • For inspiration on which trees or shrubs to plant this year visit 10 of the Best Trees and Shrubs for Beautiful Fall Color.
  • This is the last month to fertilize your yard, so make sure to get it done.

Fruit and Vegetable Tips

Perennial/Annual Tips

  • It’s time to buy your late winter and early spring bulbs.
  • Make sure to divide your perennials this month and replant.
  • The Old Farmer’s Almanac recommends removing all the debris and the dead pants from your garden to prevent overwintering of garden pests.
  • Better Homes and Gardens reports that you don’t need to worry about deadheading your garden this month. Instead, let your flowers grow.
  • Visit our 10 Top Fall Blooming Flowers to find what which flower to plant this year in your garden.

General Gardening Tips

  • A great way to prolong the growing season is to purchase a frost blanket. The frost blanket will let you to water and allow light to come in, but will keep the frost out.

Your Turn

Do you have any favorite tips on gardening in October for the Southwest Region of the United States? If you do, please let us know in the comments below.

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