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Rootwell aeration tube

Are you still unsure if aeration tubes are worth it?

We share a lot of information on this blog, everything from herbs to Christmas trees. We review a lot of information about gardening here, and we do this because we love helping our readers grow the most beautiful gardens and landscapes.

It all started when we engineered the Rootwell. We saw how trees, shrubs and plants can easily die off. We saw how frustrating it is to spend the money on a tree, spend the time to water it and care for a tree, then, to watch it die.

Rootwell direct to root water distribution

Rootwell direct to root water distribution

So we did the research and discovered how if you can get the roots of the tree (plant or shrub) the water, oxygen and nutrients that it needs, the tree will develop:

  • A larger mass (more leaves),
  • Grow stronger roots (strong roots= strong trees)
  • Is more likely to survive being planted

With our Rootwell Pro318, we will able to accomplish just that. Then, we created Rootsticks for plants and shrubs.

Recently, an article was published that put our Rootwells and Rootsticks to the test. Land Connections wanted to know if aeration tubes or Rootwells were actually effective. While we knew that our product would shine, we were still excited to see the end resultsAuthor, Chad Kennedy, Landscape Architect, ASLA stated:

Though the discussion about the effectiveness of root watering tubes will most likely continue, there are studies that show they are effective and the arguments for their use are grounded in solid horticultural science. For now, they have a place in my arsenal of methods, where appropriate, to help grow healthy urban forests.

To read the whole article you can visit Land Connections at, Root Watering / Aeration Tubes – Effective or Not?  If you are interested in purchasing any of our Rootwell or Rootsticks, you can by doing this by going to:


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