How to Save Money by Growing Your Own Holiday Gifts

Myrtus - Also known as a true myrtle

Myrtus – Also known as a true myrtle

Do you often purchase plants to give as gifts during the holiday season?

Would you like to give plants that you’ve grown yourself?

Yes, you can grow your own Christmas gifts. Imagine, going over to your in-laws with a beautiful myrtus. Your mother-in-law jaw drops, you smile and your husband proudly explains how you grew this plant that signifies love and friendship yourself.

This isn’t a fairy tale, but rather something that can really happen. It does take a little bit of work and some preparation though. Today, we are going to share the plants, trees and shrubs that will have you presenting jaw-dropping presents in no time. They will save money on gifts while providing that personal touch to your holiday gift giving.

Plants That Are Perfect for Holiday Gifts

  • Hollies
    A traditional holiday gift, there aren’t many other plants that say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays quite like the Holly.
  • Myrtus
    Also known as a true myrtle, myrtus is an evergreen shrub that can be potted and grown. It is more widely known in Europe. According to The Telegraph,

    The Greeks and the Romans held this elegant evergreen in special regard. It was the sacred herb of Aphrodite; her Roman alter ego, Venus, wore a myrtle wreath and is often depicted rising from the sea with a sprig of myrtle.”

  • Skimmia
    This is another great choice for a holiday gift. This shrub blossoms white flowers in the spring and with a male skimmia growing nearby, will provide red berries in the winter.
  • Persimmon Trees
    This tree might provide you with a little challenge but if you are able to bring the fruit from this tree to a ripen state, it will taste wonderful.

The best way to ensure that your trees and shrubs make it through to next Christmas is by installing the Rootwell Pro318s for trees and the Rootstick for plants and shrubs. These aeration tubes are direct-to-root watering systems that are scientifically proven to increase to root mass of your plants and trees as well as the overall above ground mass of your tree or shrub.

Your Turn
Have you ever grown your own holiday gifts?

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