Scented Geraniums – An Easy To Grow Herb

Scented Geraniums

What do you think about a chocolate-smelling herb?

Would you like to add something special to your window box?

Happy Holidays everyone! Can you believe it is almost time for Christmas? Today, we wanted to share with you an herb that can offer your herb garden a variety of aromas. This herb is really easy to grow and it was actually included in Better Homes and Gardens Easy-to-Grow Herbs. The variety that we would like to focus today is the scented geranium.

Scented Geraniums

Scented Geraniums are perfect for an herb garden indoors or out, and they make a wonderful addition to any window box. You can put this potted herb on your windowsill, patio, or balcony.

According to, the scented geranium is a close relative of the brightly colored bedding geranium. They are grown predominantly for the plant’s textured and aromatic foliage. There are a variety of fragrances that this herb has including an array from fruity to spicy, and even chocolate. The scented geraniums that are popular for the kitchen have a lemon or rose scent.

This herb prefers full sun. If you’ve planted your scented geraniums outside, make sure that during the hot summer months they also have some shade. During the winter, bring the herb indoors and enjoy all the great aromas.

Don’t forget to install an aeration tube when you plant scented geraniums. Providing these herbs with the accurate amount of water is made even easier by installing an aeration tube. These tubes are a direct-to-root watering system.

When you provide any plant with water in the root zone, you ensure the roots will grow strong. The best time to water them is when the soil is dried out. Simply water the plants using the aeration tube by pouring water down the aeration tube.

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Your Turn
Have you ever grown scented geraniums? If so, what fragrance is your favorite?

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