4 Ways to Shield Shrubs from Harsh Winter Weather

4 Ways to Shield Your Shrubs from Harsh Winter Weather

What is the best way to protect shrubs in the winter?

Winter has its grip across the country. It is that time of year when many parts of the United States see single digit temperatures. While you may be spending most of your time indoors, have you thought about your shrubs?

Today, we are covering how to shield shrubs from the harsh winter weather. In this article you will find 4 ways to do just that.

How to Protect Shrubs in the Winter

  1. Burlap Screens
    A great way to protect your evergreen shrubs is by screening them in with burlap. There are several ways to do this.

    • Place stakes around each shrub and wrap burlap around the outside of the stakes.
    • You can also simply wrap up your shrubs in burlap.
    • Finally, you can even build a tepee around the shrub with burlap.
  2. Installing Aeration Tubes
    One of the biggest threats to your shrubs in winter is that your shrub can actually become dried out. While this happens for many reasons, one of the major reasons is that the top levels of soil are frozen and the shrub is unable to nourish itself.

    An easy solution is to install aeration tubes before the ground freezes. Aeration tubes are a direct to root water system. These tubes act as a well and encourages roots to grow deeper into the soil.

  3. Be Wary Of De-Icers

    It is common for home owners to use sodium chloride or rock salt to help de-ice their driveways and sidewalks. The problem is that sodium chloride is harmful to not just shrubs, but also trees, grass, and other foliage.

    Consider using calcium chloride, course sand, sawdust or kitty litter instead of rock salt to be certain your landscape does not get damaged.

  4. Mulch

    Add mulch to your shrub beds before the snow starts falling. Mulch will help the soil to retain moisture and keep the tree warmer during the cold temperatures.

Take Away

As winter’s icy chill and snow pummels the country, you can help protect and shield your shrubs with these four tips. With a bit of planning and care, your shrubs will be able to survive winter’s icy grip.
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