Sizzling Temperatures Threaten Alaska

Alaska Heat Wave

Do you know how long the sun is out during the Alaskan Summer?

Have you ever heard of lightning sparked wildfire that tripled in size in one day?

Today is the summer solstice for the northern hemisphere. That means that today will be the longest day of the year for those north of the equator. My family and I along with many Americans are enjoying the long day with lots of sun.

Alaska is experiencing a heat wave that is resulting in 20 degrees above normal temperatures for this time of year. Heat records were shattered all across the state. The tiny town of Talkeetna registered a record breaking high of 96 degrees earlier this week.

A Moose in the Kiddie Pool

The Huffington Post reported that due to the high temperatures in Alaska, a Moose found its way into a kiddie pool. During this time a year the sun is shining almost all day in Alaska. The Huffington Post also reported,

Meteorologists blame the anomaly on rapid shift in atmospheric wind patterns. The system that brought cold air from the north during the spring changed suddenly, sending in hot air from the south and southeast. The rapid heat-up caused considerable flooding of mountain streams, said Tom Pepe, an Anchorage-based meteorologist for the National Weather Service.”

Lightning – Sparked Wildfires

When we experience hotter than normal temperatures our crops, trees, and landscape may be threatened. For Alaska, along with the moose in kiddie pools, they are dealing with a wildfire that was sparked from lightning that tripled its size in one day.

Not only that, but Alaskan are also dealing with flooding. So much flooding that they are estimating the property damage at $10,000,000.

In the meantime, the people of Alaska have hit the stores for bathing suits, shorts, and summer clothes. They are enjoying the beautiful warm weather they did not realize would be possible.

How do you plan to spend your summer solstice? Will you be gardening or planting new trees and shrubs?

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