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Strategies to Bring Your Spring Lawn Back to Life

Strategies to Bring Your Spring Lawn Back to Life

Are you wondering when to start mowing your lawn this spring?

After the snow melted, did you find bare spots or weeds covering your lawn?

A beautiful green lawn seems to be a requirement in American suburbs these days. A long, harsh winter like the one we had this year can damage even the best cared for lawns.

That is why these tips will come in handy and help you bring life back into your spring lawn.

3 Tips to Help Your Lawn Recover in the Spring

  1. Be Careful When Mowing
    With the temperatures rising, your lawn will finally start growing again. According to, make sure that you are very careful when it comes to mowing. It is best to start the blade off at a higher setting and only take off 1/3 of the growth. Make sure never to mow your lawn if it is wet or it has snowed.
  2. Reseed Bare Spots
    If your lawn has any dead patches, recommends 5 easy steps to reseeding.

    • Scatter the seeds on the bare spots of the soil and rake it in.
    • Water lightly for 15 minutes. Water enough to keep soil moist.
    • When the seed germinates, make sure to water deeply.
    • Give your new fresh grass a high-phosphorous fertilizer.
    • The grass should grow to at least 3 inches in height before you cut it.
  3. Take Care of Weeds
    If the snow has melted to reveal weeds and moss, recommends heading out to your local garden center. Ask for advice about your specific type of grass and weeds. After you have applied the suggested product and the weeds have died, rake them out.


With tender care, you will be able to help your lawn recover from a long winter. From proper mowing techniques to applying weed killer and feed, your lawn will have the best chances of springing back in the spring.

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