The Benefits of Composting at Home

Composting benefits

Would you like to enrich your soil?

Are you interested in a way to help the environment?

This morning, I’ve got my big cup of coffee and I’m ready to dive into this week. While I was making coffee, I was found myself throwing out the old coffee grounds. I looked inside my trash can and thought there must be a better use for these old coffee grounds than my trash can.

TLC produced this amazing article on all the items in your home that you can compost and coffee ground made the list as number 1. When I think of compost at home, if I’m honest I don’t love the idea. My yard and home is my sanctuary and adding decomposing coffee grounds makes me think twice.

However, there are benefits to composting that go beyond just the environmental. Below are some of the amazing benefits to composting that has even me thinking twice.

Compost improves quality of almost any soil

According to the University of Illinois,

Compost will improve the quality of almost any soil, and for this reason it is most often considered a soil conditioner. Compost improves the structure and texture of the soil enabling it to better retain nutrients, moisture, and air for the betterment of plants.”

Compost Suppresses Damaging Pest and Diseases

Compost can actually suppress damaging pests and diseases that could hurt your plants, trees, and flowers as reported by the Washington State University.

Compost Breaks Down Soil

Compost can break down the soil making it easier to work with, especially if one is working with clay soil. The University of Illinois calls compost “black gold” for gardeners as it adds a large number of benefits to garden soil.

In addition to composting being great for plants, trees, and shrubs the Rootwell actually assists in the decomposing of compost. Here is what Jeff Thomas from Rootwell Products Inc. had to say about the Rootwells effect on compost,

The rootstick provides air pockets that assists in the decomposition of the compost. The major element of composting is the availability of air in the compost material.”

Do you compost? What has worked for you when you compost?

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