Tips and Tricks to Growing Thyme Indoors


Would you like to grow an herb with big flavor?

Happy Monday and thanks for stopping by Herb Mondays. Herb Mondays is our latest series where we share tips on growing herbs indoors. This great for those of us who live in areas that frost and it is also a terrific way to save money.

This Monday’s herb is Thyme. Thyme is one of our Fab Five Herbs to Grow at Home. Thyme is rich in vitamin K and packs a lot of iron. You can use thyme when cooking meats and brewing tea. According to the Backyard Gardener, thyme can help with headaches, coughs and sore throats.

Here are some fantastic tips and tricks to growing thyme at home:

  • Thyme does not fare well during the winter. If you live in a zone that has cold winters, grow thyme indoors.
  • You can start thyme from a seed or a division from a mature plant.
  • Thyme loves to attract bees, so if you are looking to transplant from indoors to outdoors, make sure to put thyme near your vegetable for pollination.
  • Plant thyme near a window where it can get the most sun.
  • Thyme prefers to be slightly dry over being over-watered.
  • Choose a pot that is about 10 inches across and prior to planting fill that pot with loose potting mix.
  • For the first year, it is better not to harvest. This way the plant can mature and develop strong roots
  • Encourage healthy root growth by installing rootsticks in your pot.
  • Use thyme as a seasoning or in your salad! It is so good. Fresh leaves will keep in the refrigerator for about a week.

Have you ever grown thyme indoors or out? What do you love about growing your own thyme?

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