Top 10 Gardening Tips & Strategy Posts 2015

Top 10 Gardening Tips 2015At Rootwell Products, Inc., we love getting our hands dirty and talking trees, flowers, vegetables – anything gardening related. We spend time each week highlighting different gardening tips and strategies. We thought we would take a moment to reflect back on 2015 and see what you as our reader found were most interesting.

According to Google Analytics, we were able to find out the top most visited blog posts in 2015. Interestingly, many of our most loved and clicked on articles are ones that were written in previous years.

If you are new Rootwell Products, Inc., we don’t want you to miss out on these gardening articles. We know how helpful these tips and tricks are, so we thought we would take some time to highlight them in one place and share a brief description.

Rootwell Products, Inc.’s Top 10 Gardening Tips Posts

  1. How to Grow Herbs in Mason Jars
    How to Grow Herbs in Mason Jars Mason jars have so many different uses, and planting herbs is just one awesome way to use them. Who doesn’t love fresh oregano, cilantro, or basil to have on hand to add to your dinner preparation? In this article, we give helpful tips on how to use mason jars to create a thriving herb garden. We tackle possible problems and give useful solutions. Make sure to check this one out if you are looking at using mason jars for your planting.

  2. Solutions to Common Vegetable Garden Problems
    Vegetable garden solutionsHave you spent hours in your garden to find weird and strange garden problems? In this article, we tackle some of the most common troubling garden issues. For example: Bolting lettuce, irregular corn kernels, and misshaped tomatoes are issues that we have had headaches trying to address. Check out this article to see if you, too, have similar problems and what you can do to help them as we love to share our firsthand experience.

  3. Top Plants for Allergy Suffers
    Top Plants for Allergy Sufferers If you have the unfortunate problem of allergies, then this might be a good article for you to check out. We took some time to highlight the top trees, grass, and flowers that impact those with allergies the strongest. Using this article will help you to avoid cozying up to potentially troublesome plants and trees. It will also help you choose plants that you can know for sure will not bring those problems your way.

  4. How to Turn Soil by Hand in 3 Steps
    ShovelMany plants and trees require well drained soil. Having the ability to toil soil is an important gardening trick and one that is easy to do. In this article, we share 3 easy to follow steps so that you can turn your own soil by hand and feel like a pro.

  5. 12 Frost Tolerant Vegetables Plants Early Spring
    cold-season-vegetablesIf you love to keep a vegetable garden in your back yard, you might be watching the calendar dates to see how early we can get our plants in the ground. In this article, we share the 12 most frost tolerant vegetable plants which include favorites like broccoli, carrots, and Brussel sprouts. With this amazing list, you will be able to start a vibrant vegetable garden even in the very early spring.

  6. Best Trees to Plant Pacific Northwest Regions Backyard
    Best Trees to Plant for a Pacific Northwest Region's Backyard We know that not all trees are best in all regions and in all conditions. In this article, we highlighted the Pacific Northwest Region of the United States and included what trees do the best in this region. We also showed you the importance of using Rootwell Products Inc.’s aeration tubes watering system to help your trees thrive.

  7. How to Keep Potted Christmas Trees Live
    Potted Christmas tree A live potted Christmas tree is a great way to not only enjoy the holiday spirit, but to enjoy it after the holidays too – who knew? In this article, we share some great tips on how to help keep your beloved tree thriving in the ground. After reading this article and following our tips, you could be adding one more beautiful evergreen to your yard. So, no need to through that tree out or add to a landfill. Continue to build a beautiful backyard with this article about potted Christmas trees.

  8. 4 Facts to Know About Mums
    mumsWhat flower is more loved and thought of for the fall months then the mum? Their festive colors, hardiness, and easiness to grow make them a favorite for all. This article dating back to 2012 continues to be a favorite into the 2015 year. In this article, we share four simple facts about mums that can help anyone, from those without green thumbs, to sound professionals, and the seasoned gardener.

  9. How to Propagate Roses with Potatoes
    How to propagate roses with potatoesRoses are a flower of love and this fun tutorial on how to propagate a rose with a potato, was one you loved too, as this blog post was the second most visited article of 2015. We had a great time breaking down the complex idea of propagating and make a simple easy to follower instructions. After reading this article, you will have all you need to share your special roses with friends and family.

  10. 10 Top Fall Blooming Flowers
    10 Top Fall Blooming Flowers This post on the top fall blooming flowers was our number one most visited blog post of 2015. In this article, we took some time to stop to smell the flowers, or really fall blooming flowers that is. We know fall is all about colors, and we had a blast sharing our favorite fall blooming flowers from the aster and the caryopteris (Blue Mist Shrub) to ornamental kale and the ornamental pepper.

Wrapping Up

Thanks for taking the time to follow our blog, and for joining us in our journey of loving all things gardening. We are so grateful for all that has happened in 2015, and we are excited for what will happen this year. We appreciate our readers and friends who have joined us, and love that you, too, have a kindred spirit in the love of gardening.

Your Turn

What one of these articles was your favorite or what topic did you find most interesting? Are there any topics that you would like us to touch on in 2016?

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