Top Gardening Tips for June

June Gardening Tips

Are you planning to host parties in your backyard this summer?

Can you believe that June is here already? June is a great month to host parties and show off your backyard. Let’s get your backyard and garden ready with some great tips and tricks.

Picture this: it’s 74 degrees out, the kids are running around, yet somehow not causing any trouble, and you are discussing how you did it all with your neighbor. You sigh and smile at a job well done. That sounds wonderful and isn’t too far off. A little more hard work, a little more dirt under your finger nails and you my friend are there.

Here are your top gardening tips for the month of June:

  • Top Tip: When to Fertilize – The top tip for June comes from the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.  If you’re wondering when to fertilize your lawn, they explain it well:

    Fertilize your lawn before very hot weather arrives and start watering if we don’t receive at least 1” of rain every week. Start mowing higher (2 ½” or above) as the weather warms to encourage deep rooting and make the grass plants more resistant to stress.”

  • Containers or pots – With the temperatures rising, you’ll want to move any containers or pot into a shaded area. Make sure you allow for some sun, but we don’t want the plants getting scorched by the sun.
  • Rose Care – The Garden Helper recommends to look over your roses to check for mildew, black-spots or any disease and if you find any take care of them right away. If you have any climbing roses make sure that they are tied tightly.
  • Vegetables – Vegetables to plant this month are, corn, tomatoes, pumpkins, broccoli, Brussels sprout, cabbage, and peppers.
  • Watering – Remember to water your lawn at dawn or at dusk. Watering after the sun goes down could cause mold and water during the middle of the day could cause your grass to burn out.

What do you have planned for your garden this month?

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