Update: The Drought of 2012

Drought CautionIt has been one hot summer and your landscape is feeling the heat and the effects of the drought.

Yesterday, the temperature soared to 101 degrees at Detroit Metro Airport at 2:30 p.m., tying the record for that date set in 1887 according to according to the National Weather Services’ meteorologist, Sara Schultz, in White Lake Township. Right now, you cannot drive through a neighborhood without seeing browning lawns, drying flowers and dying trees. Just a week ago, we posted an article about the current drought situation. Today, we would like to update you on the current status.

The Current Status

The latest reports by the National Climatic Data Center released state that this is the worst drought since 1956. In June, 33% of the nation was in a severe to extreme drought and 55% of the county was in a moderate to extreme drought.

Watering Restrictions

Is your community restricting how much water you use? The Detroit Free Press reported restrictions that Metro-Detroiters are being asked to do.

“Novi, Shelby Township, Northville Township, Troy and Clinton Township are among the communities that restrict or have ordinances directing water usage to what are considered off-peak hours. That approach has the dual benefit of helping keep water rates lower and avoiding issues with high water usage in dry periods.”

Green Landscape Tips

  • It is best to water your lawn, trees and plants ether at dawn or dusk.
  • Set your lawnmower to a level 3 blade and try not to mow your grass as much. If you must mow, make sure to leave the grass clipping on the lawn.

The best thing you can do for your landscape right now is to install the Rootwell Pro318 for your trees and the Rootstick for plants and shrubs. The reason this is the best thing for you to treat your landscape, is that the Rootwell system will get the water your trees and shrubbery needs to survive this drought by providing the oxygen, nutrients and water right to the root zone.

For more tips, visit: 6 Tips to Help Your Landscape Survive Scorching Heat.

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