Warning: How to Save Your Dying Trees

Warning: How to Save Your Dying Trees

Are the summer temperatures too much for your trees?

At a loss on why your trees keep dying?

Are you planning your weekend project? How are your trees doing? The summer temperatures are rising and often times that mean our trees are suffering and at risk for dying.

Did you know there are easy ways to prevent this from happening?

When to Water Trees

First, let’s start with the “when to water basics” for your trees and actually for the rest of your landscape. At Rootwell Products Inc, we recommend that you water either at dawn or dusk.

I often see people watering during the middle of the day. Unfortunately, this practice could actually lead to your trees and your landscape dying. The problem is that the sun will reflect the water and cause your trees to dry out before they can fully drink in the water.

Watering at night can lead to mold. For the reason we recommend watering at dusk or right a dawn.

Install Rootwells

The Rootwell Pro-318 is a direct to root watering system.

While trees are growing during the hot temperatures, the roots grow near the surface of the ground where the water is. This prevents tree roots from growing deep into the soil and having a strong root system. Without strong root systems, trees cannot withstand harsh environmental conditions.

This is where the Rootwell Pro-318 deep root watering system comes in handy. The Rootwell Pro318 is installed around the tree. The deep cylinder shape allows for the collection of water. The trees roots then have the ability of getting water deep into the soil and root system. The roots grow deep and strong cause the tree to be strong. This increases the tree’s chance of survival.

Check out the scientific study that The University of Arizona did that proves Rootwells increase your trees chance of survival at Scientific Study Proves Rootwell Watering System Works.

What are you planning for your weekend gardening project?

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