11 Perfect Plants for Your Water Garden

Water garden

Did you know that you can bring paradise to your own backyard with a magnificent water garden?

Imagine yourself relaxing after a long day to the tranquil sounds of a running fountain and the lush beauty of the foliage that surrounds and engulfs your water garden.

A water garden is home to many beautiful plants that can transform your backyard into a true oasis. Adding water plants are essential to your water garden’s success as they help maintain a healthy and balanced ecosystem in your backyard pond.

When choosing the specific plants you want to plant in your water garden, consider going to a store that specializes in water ponds and gardens. This will help to give you an idea of what plants you like and what plants will do best in your climate.

In addition, it is important to choose varieties from these different categories: lotus plants, water lilies, submerged aqua plants, floating plants, and bog plants. Each variety offer benefits along with beauty.

For example, adding submerged aquatic plants will help discourage the growth of algae and provide some much needed oxygen to your garden. Choosing plants in each of these categories will ensure that you will bring life and beauty and help your water garden thrive.

Here are 11 of the perfect plants for any water garden:

  1. Lutea
    The lutea plant is a lotus plant. Having a lotus plant like Lutea in your water garden will add elegance and beauty. They will produce exotic flowers that look like peonies all summer long. This Lutea plant is easy to maintain and will produce incredible yellow flowers that rise a few inches above the water.
  2. Water Hyacinth
    Water Hyacinth

    Water Hyacinth

    This is a floating plant that produces tough foliage that will grow along the surface of the pond. The foliage that it creates will provide shade and the roots act as a filtration. It also provides a procreating area for the pond fish. In addition, this plant will absorb extra nutrients from the water which helps to reduce algae and will act as a water clarifier.

    The flowers that are produced from this plant are beautiful purple with a yellow “eye” in the middle which adds a splash of color to your garden. This plant needs to be in warmer weather and does great in zones 9–11. They are a vigorous plant, so don’t be afraid to clear some out so that they don’t take over your whole garden.

  3. Water Lily
    What is a water garden without lilies? There are many different varieties of water lilies to choose from. There a varieties that come out and bloom during the day and even at night. These plants need to be completely submerged into your water garden.

    If you choose a hardy type, they can be grown in regions 4-9, but there are more tropical varies can grow in warmer climates. They produce adorable lily pads that are great resting stops for frogs and other insects to live in your backyard.

  4. Dwarf Cattail
    The Dwarf Cattail is a bog plant. Typically, a bog plant is usually found at the water’s edge in shallow water. You will find that their roots will grow underwater and then their foliage will submerge. The Dwarf Cattail is a small version of the classic cattail. This size is perfect for a backyard. They are versatile plant as they can be put in your water garden or even in a container. The long and narrow foliage gives them a grass-like appearance and their round, dark brown flowers spikes adds to its texture and charm.
  5. AnacharaisThis ideal plant is one that can be completely submerged into the water. This is an ideal plant for beginners as it’s a great option for most ponds and will thrive in zones 4-11. The leaves on the plant have a bright green and almost fern-like leaves. This plant will help to bring oxygen and clarity the water which will help to reduce the algae growth.
  6. Pitcher Plant
    The pitcher plant is a one of a kind plant that is carnivorous – it eats insects. This will be a fun one to choose if you have curious children around. The tube-shaped leaves are beautiful and with the added red, yellow, purple, and green flowers it will produce in the spring. This plant is also great in just about any climate as it can be grown in zones 2-11. Pitcher plants do need full sun and will grow to about 18 inches tall.
  7. Canna
    Morton Arboretum water garden

    Water garden
    Morton Arboretum in Lisle, IL

    These old fashion plants can grow completely submerged in your water garden or along the side. They are a favorite addition as they can add an energizing and tropical feel to your setting. Watch out though, because these plants can grow up to six feet tall depending on the type you choose.
  8. Rain Lily
    There are so many different types of lilies to choose from and you will need to find the ones that fit your climate the best. A stunning one is the Rain Lily. This lily will produce delicate flowers all summer plant with shades of pink, purple, and white. This specific kind should be grown warmer climates such as zones 9-11.
  9. Japanese Primrose
    The Japanese Primrose is a perennial plant that is a self- sower, meaning within a couple of years, you will have a beautiful collection many plants of mixed color flowers. It’s important to find the right place for this one as it needs part to full shade along with pond side.
  10. Papyrus
    The papyrus is a plant that you can use as a history lesson for your kiddos as this plant was once used in ancient Egypt to make paper. These plants can be submerged and they will grow right out of the water and soar high up to six feet in heights.
  11. Bog Lily
    This Southern Swamp Lily is also known as the String Lily. The flowers on this plant have six petals that are long and thin. They are white in color and give off a beautiful fragrance. This plant is also ideal of your water garden because they are a perennial plant and will come back each year.

Take Away

The paradise that a water garden will bring to your backyard will be a show stopper. It will not only bring relaxation, but jaw dropping beauty. The endless amount of plants that will thrive and grow in this kind of environment will make your water garden look stunning.

Over to You

Are you looking to start a water garden? Do you already have one and have been trying to figure out what plants to include? Are there any on this list that you would like to plant? Which plant are you most drawn to? We always love to hear your thoughts.


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