Why Your Shrubs Are Dying

Why Your Shrubs Are Dying

Are you at a loss to why you have to replace your shrubs every year?

Do you want to know a more cost effective way to keep your shrubs alive?

Replacing dead shrubs can get very expensive. The overall costs increase especially if you are replacing them year after year. Did you know there is scientific reason why your shrubs are dying? Not only that, but there is an easy way to fix it.

First, let’s start with way shrubs are likely to die.

When we first transport tree, shrubs, and really any greenery from the nursery, go through a state of shock when they reach their new home. That transfer alone could be the reason why your shrub does not make it.

Soil can be the reason why your shrubs continue to die as well. Sandy and clay like soil can cause the plants root growth to be ineffective. Instead of growing deep into the ground to find the nutrients the plant needs, when the soil is poor, the root growth may shrink or die.

How to Save Money and Your Shrubs

There is a revolutionary product called an aeration tube. These tubes have been scientifically designed to help your shrub grow in any type of environment. The reason why these tubes may be critical for your shrubs growth is because they provide the oxygen, water and nutrients your shrubs roots need to grow.

When you install the aeration tubes after you plant your shrub, you allow for the shrub it have an easier transition. The tubes help to take the edge off of the state of shock period. The aeration tubes will actually help the shrub’s roots to grow deeper and become stronger.

Installing aeration tubes will be a onetime cost to save and encourage your shrubs to grow. They will help you save valuable time and money in the long run.

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