Why Your Shrubs Need Aeration Tubes


Do your shrubs keep dying?

Do you need a permanent solution to keeping your shrubs healthy?

Thanksgiving is a week away! Can you believe it? At our home, we are already getting ready. We are deep cleaning inside, organizing and cleaning up outside. Before the ground freezes for most of the country, I wanted to take some time and share with you why your shrubs need aeration tubes.

I shared about how aeration tubes will benefit your herb garden but did you know they can also benefit your shrubs?

Let’s start with an explanation of what aeration tubes are. An aeration tube is a direct to root irrigation system. Which mean these tubes are an aeration and watering system that goes directly to the roots.

How does a direct to root watering system benefit your shrubs?

Here are 3 ways the aeration tubes will benefit your shrubs:

  1. Deep Root Growth
    Aeration tubes have been scientifically proven to cause deep root growth. The reason why is because the water, oxygen and nutrients are delivered deep into the soil cause the roots to grow down into the soil. Having deep root growth creates strong roots and strong shrubs.
  2. Increased Healthy Growth
    These tubes are also scientifically proven to increase your shrubs above ground growth by 11 percent. So by installing these aeration tubes, your shrubs will have more healthy growth.
  3. Mighty Roots
    Not only do aeration root cause your roots to grow deep but the also increase the root mass. In a study done by The University of Arizona, they proved that with aeration tubes there was an 18 percent increase in root mass. The stronger your shrubs’ root system, the better chance your shrubs have at healthy foliage.

The Rootwell Pro318 is a root aeration tube that is specifically designed to meet the challenges that growing shrubs experience by promoting deep root growth. Rootwell’s Pro318 provides the essential system of providing the water, nutrients and oxygen to the roots of the shrubs to help them flourish.

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