The 2013 All America Rose Selection Winner – Francis Meilland Rose

Francis Meilland Rose

Francis Meilland Rose – photo used with permission by

Do you have a favorite rose?

Do you know how many years has All America Rose Selection (AARS) been picking the best rose of the year?

With the New Year’s Day approaching, we wanted to share with you the All America Rose Selections rose of the year for 2013. For the past 23 years, All America Rose Selection or AARS have been using strict standards to pick the best rose of the year.

For some years, more than one rose makes the grade and more than one is selected. This year, however, only one was picked as the 2013 winner. That rose is the Francis Meilland.

How AARS Selects the Winners

Before we tell you all about the Francis Meilland rose, we would like to share with you how a rose is chosen. According to All-America Rose Selections,

We conduct these tests in our nationwide gardens to represent all climate zones. Each garden is also given the care of an average home garden so these roses aren’t spoiled. If they can thrive during our testing, they will most certainly thrive in your garden.”

Each rose is judged on characteristics including:

  • Fragrance
  • Resistance to diseases
  • Flower production

Francis Meilland Rose

The Francis Meilland rose is a hybrid tea rose, which is a classical type of rose. It is the type of rose we normally think of when we think of roses. The flower has a very large bloom and a strong fragrance. The flower’s color ranges from pink to white, with a dark green foliage color.

Recently the AARS discontinued the use of any fungicidal spraying during the testing of roses. This is the first time a hybrid tea rose has been picked since then.

This rose has also won awards in Europe for its disease resistance and aesthetics.

As you plan your spring garden, this rose has proven that it will make a beautiful addition in your garden. If you have any questions about roses, please leave them in the comments section below.

Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve and we’ll see you back here on New Year’s Day.

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