3 Easy Ways Prepare Trees For Winter

How to prepare trees for winter

Have you planted trees this fall?

Are you nervous about your trees making it through the winter?

Welcome back to Beginner Gardner Wednesday. Beginner Gardener Wednesday is our weekly series where we sharing gardening tips tailored to our greenest thumbs. Today, we are sharing about how to get your tree ready for winter the easy way.

Lately, we’ve been talking a lot about how fall is the best time to plant trees. The rain showers along with the colder weather make up a perfect mix to grow trees. Planting trees can be very expensive and the last thing anyone wants to do is replant next fall.

The one thing standing in your trees way of making it to next fall is the winter. Trees are designed to take a beating, but sometimes Mother Nature can be a little harsh. Here are 3 easy ways to prepare your trees for winter.

How to Prepare Trees for Winter

  1. Plant Properly
    Give your tree its best chance of survival from the beginning. Do your research on the tree before purchasing it. If you live in an area with heavy snows, avoid planting tree that break easily or keep their leaves late into the fall. Instead, plant trees that are known for making it through harsh winters.
  2. Prune Your Trees
    One of the best ways I’ve heard to describe how to prune your trees is by the city of Seattle.

    You should be able to see into your tree, but not through it!”

    Pruning your trees prior to winter is a great way to prepare for the harsh and heavy snows that can come your way. Start by removing the dead or weakened branches. Not only does pruning prior to the winter offer tremendous advantages, but all year long, will give your trees a fighting chance.

  3. Install Aeration Tubes
    Our last tip is to install aeration tubes around your trees. An aeration tube is a direct to root watering system. We’ve all heard that trees are only as strong as their roots. This direct to root watering system is the best way to grow deep and strong roots. Rootwell’s Pro318 is a scientifically proven aeration tube to supply essential oxygen, nutrients and water that your tree needs to survive and flourish.

While glistening white snow is beautiful, winter can be unforgiving. However, with these tips, your trees will have an optimal chance to be around next fall, saving you all that time and money you’ve just spent.

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