3 Reasons to Be Thankful for Rootwell Product Inc.’s Aeration Tubes

3 Reasons to Be Thankful for Rootwell Product Inc.’s Aeration Tubes

Have you struggled to keep your trees alive?

Are you spending more money replanting your trees every few years because they continue to die on you?

With tomorrow being Thanksgiving, we couldn’t help ourselves taking the time to give thanks. This is such a great time of year because instead of being too busy, we celebrate the good things in life. One of the reasons why we here at Rootwell Products Inc. are so thankful is our aeration tube, the Rootwell Pro318.

The Rootwell Pro318 is a scientifically designed aeration tube that is installed with trees. Today, on this Thanksgiving Eve, we wanted to take the moment to talk about the 3 reasons we are thankful for Rootwell Pro318s.

First, let me start off by explaining what the Rootwell Pro-318 is. Rootwell Pro-318s are aeration tubes that are a direct-to-root watering system that are installed around trees. The goal of the Rootwell Pro318 is to encourage root growth by providing oxygen, nutrients, and water at the root zone.

  1. Rootwell Pro-318 Aeration Tubes are Scientifically Proven
    In June 2012, the University of Arizona conducted a study that scientifically proved the effectiveness of the Rootwell Pro-318. You can read all about that scientific study in our article entitled, Scientific Study Proves Rootwell Watering System Works.
  2. Rootwell Pro-318 Aeration Tubes Enhance Tree Growth
    This product can actually increase the mass of trees that they are installed with. In the University of Arizona’s study, the Pro-318 was proven to increase above ground growth by 11%. In addition, trees that had these deep root watering systems were analyzed at periods of 3, 8 and 13 months. The results showed the Rootwell Pro318 trees:

    • After three months of growth, the trees had 48% deeper root.
    • After eighteen months, the trees had 18% greater root after planting.
  3. The Root Stick
    Not only can this direct-to-root watering system increase the health of your trees, but the Root Stick can also increase the health of your shrubs, plants and even herbs.

What is your favorite thing about the Rootwell Product Inc.’s aeration tubes? From all of us at Rootwell Products Inc., happy Thanksgiving!

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