3 Reasons You Need to Install Aeration Tubes

3 Reasons You Need to Install Aeration Tubes

Are you having trouble keeping your newly planted trees alive?

Wondering how to get more above ground growth out of your trees?

Back in 2012, the University of Arizona did a study on whether or not aeration tubes – a direct to root watering system – actually worked. What they found will benefit all gardeners.

The University took 48 Ash trees. Twenty-four of those trees were planted with the deep root watering system. The other twenty-four were given what they called “surface irrigated with bubblers near the root ball.”

The trees were check at 3, 8, and 13 months. There were 3 major benefits found in this study with planting trees and installing a direct to root watering system like aeration tubes. Here are those 3 benefits and your reason to install aeration tubes.

3 Benefits to Installing Aeration Tubes

  1. Deeper Root Growth

    The study showed that trees with aeration tubes had a 47% deeper root growth just three months after planting. We all know that stronger root promote stronger trees.

  2. Greater Root Mass

    Thirteen months after planting the trees with aeration tubes, the trees had 18% greater root mass than the trees without.

  3. More Above Ground Growth

    Who doesn’t want more above ground growth from a newly planted tree? The study showed that there was an increase of 11% in above ground growth.

Other Benefits

  • The most important aspect that the study proved was that a direct to root watering system like Rootwell Pro318 aeration tubes was that they increased the chance of a tree’s survival.
  • During times of drought, watering your trees becomes very easy. With aeration tubes installed, simply pour water down the tube into the soil where the roots are.
  • Aeration tubes are not only for trees. The Rootwell stick is designed for shrubs and plants.


The direct to root watering system works so well because it provides oxygen, water, and nutrients to root zone. It helps to pull the root’s growth deeper into the soil where there is more moisture and better chance of survival.

Find your direct to root watering systems below:

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