4 Fragrant Roses You Will Love

Double Delight Rose

Are you looking enhance your rose garden?

One of the best parts of having a garden, especially a rose garden, is the fragrance that roses give out. Here at Rootwell, we love roses. Last summer, we dedicated a whole day each week to roses on our blog, called Rose Fridays.

This Friday, we are again sharing about roses. The following are 4 of our favorite fragrant roses.

  1. Madame Plantier Rose
    The Madame Plantier rose is a pure white flower that dates back to 1835. It can grow up to 6 feet tall and grows best in zones 4-9.Don’t know what zone you live in or what a gardening zone is? Don’t worry, we have the perfect article for you in How to Understand Gardening Zones.
  2. Fragrant Cloud Rose
    The Fragrant Cloud rose should remind you of another rose called the “America”. It should because it is a parent of the “America”. This rose is a beautiful hybrid tea rose that offers an award winning fragrance. It can grow up to 5 feet high and 5 feet wide.
  3. Double Delight Rose
    The Double Delight rose was introduced in 1977 and is a hybrid tea rose. It is a favorite of many gardeners because it blooms repeatedly and the flowers have a strong delightful fragrance. According to Better Homes and Gardens,

    One of the most distinctive hybrid tea roses, ‘Double Delight’ bears creamy white flowers with rich, cherry-red edges that deepen as the flower ages, as well as a knock-your-socks-off fragrance. It’s one of the most dramatic and dependable roses in the garden.”

  4. New Dawn Rose
    If you looking for a fragrant rose that can climb, the New Dawn rose is the one for you. This rose bush can climb up to 20 feet tall and 10 feet wide. The light pink flowers will bloom for you all summer long.

As with all rose plants, to reach the plant’s full potential, please consider installing Rootsticks to help them receive the proper oxygen and nutrients they need to thrive.

What is your favorite type of rose?

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