4 Tips to the Perfect Maple Tree

Maple tree leaves

Do you love the look of maple trees in a landscape?

I love maple trees in the fall. It isn’t fall until the maple tree has made its dramatic debut of beautiful color. Happy Friday! Another week done and now it is time for a weekend project.

I know that we are all getting ready for the holidays.  I also want my house to look perfect.   Sometimes I achieve that desire, but it is with a lot of help. Today, we want to share 4 tips to growing the perfect maple tree.

According to the plant encyclopedia at the Better Homes and Gardens,

Happily, there’s a maple for just about every garden — from the smaller varieties that stay under 20 feet tall to big species that can reach 100 feet or more.

And Now, Our 4 Tips to the Perfect Maple Tree

  1. Location
    Depending on your choice of maple, you want to make sure you take the location into consideration. About Maple Trees tells us that some maples roots like to grow near the surface while other types of maples roots will compete with any plants for the nutrients and water that available in the soil.
  2. Zones
    Maple trees are great because they can grow almost anywhere. You can grow maple trees if you live in Zones 3-9. If you don’t know what zone you live in or why it’s important, we have an article for you at: How to Understand Gardening Zones.
  3. Spring
    Typically, planting trees in the fall is the perfect time of year. However, for the maple tree, you should plant in the spring.
  4. Install Root Aeration Tubes
    We know that we have said this before, but this is an essential step.  To ensure that your new maple tree has the best chance of surviving and flourishing, install Rootwell Pro318 aeration tube to provide the oxygen, nutrients and water your tree needs to grow strong.

What is your favorite type of maple tree?

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