4 Ways to Keep Your Trees Healthy This Summer

4 Ways to Keep Your Trees Healthy This Summer

Are you looking to plant some new trees this year?

Picture this, you walk into the garden nursery and it’s standing there, the perfect tree. It has everything you wanted, good shade, beautiful color, and the price is just right. You buy it, bring it home, and plant it. A few weeks later as you are finishing the dinner dishes you suddenly notice that your perfect tree isn’t doing so well. Then you see it, your perfect tree, the tree you invested good time and money into is dying.

Believe me, you would not be the first person this has happened to. It is extremely difficult to transfer a tree home from the nursery. That is why today we are sharing 4 ways to keep those trees that your plant this summer alive.

  1. Know What Zone Your Live In
    One of the best ways to insure the survival of your trees is by identifying which zone you live in on the Hardiness Zone Map. This map is through the USDA Website and is broken up into 10 degree zones. Once you know what zone you live in, pick a tree that grows well in that zone. You can read more about the zones at Hardiness Zone Map.
  2. Research the Type of Tree You Plan to Purchase
    Now you know what tree is perfect for your zone, great. Now it’s time to get to know more about your tree. You’ll want to research questions like, “What type of diseases could my tree get?”, “How much sun does my tree need”, “What types of bugs and insects like my tree?” Knowing the answer to these questions will prepare you and you’ll know what you’re looking for if your tree starts to look a little sad.
  3. Location, Location, Location
    You’ll want to choose a location that will be a good spot even 100 years from now. An article by Better Homes and Gardens shares that choosing the right location for your tree is critical to your trees survival.

    Construction is probably the biggest killer of mature trees, Skiera says, especially when heavy equipment is involved. Consider the case of a Missouri couple who designed the driveway of their new house around a glorious 200-year-old tree. They laid the driveway and the tree promptly died.”

  4. Install Rootwell Pro318s
    Rootwell are amazing because they can actually increase the growth of your tree. A study done by the University of Arizona actually proved that by having Rootwell Pro318s installed that the trees had:

    • 45% Deeper Root Growth
    • 18% Greater Root Mass
    • 11% Above Ground Root Growth

Don’t allow yourself to lose any trees this summer by applying these 4 tips. What trees are you planning on planting this summer?

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