5 Easy to Grow Roses for Every Beginner Gardener

Red Knock Out Rose

Red Knock Out Rose

Would you love to have a rose garden?

Today, we are continuing our series called Beginner Gardening Challenge. This series offers tips and tricks to turn anyone thumb a little greener. That way, if you’ve never gardened before or have had difficulty with gardening, Wednesdays post are for you.

Roses are one if not the top selling flower. Wouldn’t it be amazing to walk out to your rose garden, pick a few and bring them to set on your kitchen table?

Last year, we did an entire series on how to care for roses. Every Friday, we would post tips specifically for roses in the series called Rose Friday. However, we never published an article for easy to grow roses.

Better Homes and Gardens published a list of 17 roses that are easy to grow. Today, we are sharing with you our top 5 favorites from that list and why they are our favorites.

Easy to Grow Roses

  1. Snowdrift Rose
    If you are looking for a white rose, this is the one for you. We love this rose because it is the only white rose to make the list and because it is disease resistant making it super easy to grow. Snowdrift is actually grown from a shrub and produces flowers all year long.
  2. Rainbow Knock Out Rose
    This rose made our list because it does great almost anywhere in the United States and it blooms with a beautiful coral color that will last all season.
  3. Knock Out Rose
    This is the type of rose that you think of when you think about growing roses in your yard. The cherry-red color has made it a favorite for many gardeners. The beautiful color, being disease resistant, and its ability to grow almost anywhere in the United States is what has made it one of our favorites.
  4. Grandma’s Blessing Rose
    This rose made our list because it is considered to be a low-care rose, making it easier for any gardener. Just because it isn’t high maintenance does not mean that this flower isn’t beautiful. It offers a dusty-pink bloom with a beautiful fragrance.
  5. Sweet Fragrance Rose
    Our last rose is a coral colored rose that blooms all season long. It made our list because of its beautiful color and it’s disease-resistant.

A quick gardening tip before we go is to install Rootsticks with your roses. This will ensure that the roses get the oxygen, nutrients, and water they need to grow beautiful and thrive.

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