5 Favorite Roses For Your Garden

5 Favorite Roses for Your Garden

Double Delight Rose

Are you thinking about planting a rose garden this spring?

Finally the weather is starting to warm up around the country, and by warm up I mean the temperatures are above freezing. In between shoveling your driveway and pushing your neighbor’s car out of the snow, you may already be dreaming of spring. Don’t be embarrassed. We are dreaming of spring, too.

Every garden would be enhanced by having roses growing in it. Today, we would like to share our top 5 favorite roses and why they make our top 5 list. So take a minute and dream with us about what your spring rose garden will look like.

  1. Francis Meilland Rose
    This is our favorite rose because it is not only beautiful, but also really easy to grow. Read more about what makes this rose so enticing in our article, The 2013 All America Rose Selection Winner – Francis Meilland Rose.
  2. Gemini Rose
    Yes, for all you Geminis out there, there is rose after your own heart. This made our list because it is attractive, unique, and is really easy to grow. In 2000, this rose was the All America Rose Section Winner.
  3. New Dawn Rose
    This is a beautiful and wonderfully fragrant climbing rose. This rose can climb up to 20 feet tall and 10 feet wide. If you are looking for a climbing rose, this is the one for you.
  4. SnowDrift Rose
    This shrub made our list because of it’s white flowering and easy-to-grow nature. According to Better Homes and Gardens,

    “This hardy shrub produces full white flowers all season long and isn’t touched by disease. The gorgeous blooms are great for cutting.”

  5. Double Delight Rose
    This is a classic hybrid tea rose that has a creamy filling with a deep cherry-red edge. Its unique color isn’t what makes this rose so great. Rather, it has an aroma that will fill your garden.

Your Turn

What roses will you be adding to your spring garden?  Do you have a favorite? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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