5 Perennials That Will Look Great On Your Kitchen Table

Flowers in vase on table

Do you love the look of fresh flowers on your kitchen table?

Would you love to save money on fresh flowers?

Happy Monday and Happy Memorial Day everyone. How are you enjoying your holiday weekend? Are you gardening, barbecuing, or spending time with your family? This weekend provided a great time to get out and garden, but wouldn’t you love to bring some of that garden indoors?

Today, we are sharing 5 different perennials that transfer well from outside to your vase inside. Plant these perennials and soon you’ll be dazzling everyone who walks into your home with the aroma and beauty of fresh flowers that you grew yourself.

  1. Blazing Star
    We kick the list off with the perfect flower to bring into your home. This beautiful white and magenta flower amps up any flower arrangement. Not only will this flower look great in a fresh flower vase but you can also dry this flower and keep it for years to come.
  2. Lily
    Last week, we shared about how the lily is a great flower for all those allergy sufferers out there. Lilies are some of the most popular flowers out there and you can save money by just growing your own.
  3. Purple Coneflower
    This flower made the Better Homes and Garden list of Best Perennials for Cutting. According to BHG.com:

    Providing a steady stream of summer’s prettiest blooms, purple coneflower is easy to grow. It bears daisy-like flowers in abundance from midsummer to the first fall frost.”

  4. Breaded Iris or German Iris
    If you’re looking for a perennial that has every color of the rainbow, this is the perennial for you. This flower will add something special to your flower arrangement.
  5. Bee Balm
    A favorite of the hummingbirds, this flower is easy to grow as well. Whether you keep these lovely flowers outside or bring them in, you will be so pleased with the way they look.

What was your gardening project this weekend?

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