7 Must Grow Herbs for Beginner Gardeners


Do you love to add a little mint to your water?

Did you know that Lavender has a calming effect?

The colder weather is sweeping across the nation. As the holidays draw near, you may be wondering about bringing some of your garden indoors.

Wednesday means it’s time for our Beginner Gardening Challenge. This is our current series that helps make gardening easier. Today, we are looking at 7 herbs that can be grown indoors.

Fresh herbs can add a little something to your dish at dinner and make your home smell wonderful. In our article, How to Grow Herbs At Home, we highlight that as long as you have good light, soil, fertilizer and water you can grow your herbs indoors.

Here are 7 Herbs that are must-grows for any beginner gardener:

  1. Mint
    A little fresh mint in your water or a beautiful garnish on your brownies really makes a difference. If growing mint is something you’d like to try make sure to check out our article, How to Grow Mint At Home.

  2. Parsley
    Parsley is one of those herbs that really is better fresh. In our article How to Grow Parsley Indoors, you’ll read about how to plant, water and harvest fresh parsley.

  3. Basil
    We have basil growing in our kitchen right now and I added some to a salad I made. It was a perfect addition to the salad. If you would like some fresh basil in your salads make sure to check out, 5 Steps to Growing Basil Indoors.

  4. Rosemary
    This herb hates the cold, so bringing it inside to grow is a great idea. We share how to grow Rosemary in 6 Fabulous Tips to Growing Rosemary Indoors.

  5. Lavender
    In 4 Facts You Didn’t Know About Lavender, we share that you can actually cook with lavender.

  6. Thyme
    In our article, Tips and Tricks to Growing Thyme Indoors, we explore 9 different tips to growing Thyme.

  7. Sage
    In How to Grow Sage at Home, we share how to successfully grow our last herb today.

Do you know of any herbs you would like to grow from home that we don’t have on this list? Let us know in the comment section below.

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