7 Top Tips for Growing and Caring for a Rose Garden

7 Top Tips for Growing and Caring for a Rose Garden

Have you always dreamed of growing a rose garden?

Would you love to have fresh roses on your kitchen table all summer long?

Roses are the pride and joy for many gardeners. The reason why they are is that roses can be tricky. Today, we would like to make growing and caring for roses easy by sharing 7 of the top tips that we have found beneficial in growing and caring for a rose garden.

7 Tips for Rose Garden Success

  1. Getting the Soil Right
    One of the best things you can do for your roses is to provide them with great soil. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, “roses prefer a near-neutral pH range of 5.5–7.0. A pH of 6.5 is just about right for most home gardens (slightly acidic to neutral).”
  2. Use a Potato for Rose Propagation
    Propagating roses is usually a difficult task. However, it is made easy by using a potato. For more details about this method, please check out our article, How to Propagate Roses with Potatoes.
  3. Grow a Winning RoseThe All American Rose Selection does a great job picking a rose every year. 2013’s winner was the Francis Meilland. This rose offers a beautiful fragrance and boasts great resistance to diseases.
  4. Pruning Roses
    Before you starting pruning your rose bushes, make sure that your bush has already turned one year old.
  5. Winter Protection
    • To protect your roses from the harsh winter winds, tie the cane together with twine.
    • Another suggestion is to cut your roses down to only 24 inches tall.
  6. Watering
    Here at Rootwell, we always recommend to water in the morning right at dawn. When you water your roses, make sure to water the soil without getting too much water on the leaves.Your best bet is to install a Root Stick. Root Sticks are scientifically engineered to provide water, oxygen and nutrients at the source- the root zone. Roses need these elements to flourish.
  7. Fertilizer
    Roses love well-rotted cow manure. If you don’t have any of that available, you can use decomposed compost, fish fertilizer or cottonseed meal.


There you have it, 7 tips to make growing and caring for your rose garden easier. If you have any questions about the Root Stick and how they can help with your gardening, please give our office a call. The Root Stick isn’t limited to just roses and can be used throughout your garden and landscape.

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