8 Tips Every New Gardener Should Know

8 Tips Every New Gardener Should Know

Considering starting your own garden this year?

Not sure if your thumb is green or brown? The best way to find out is by growing a garden. Here are 8 tips that every new gardener should know.

8 Tips for the New Gardener

  1. Research
    Whether you are researching what gardening zone you are in, what types of vegetable to plant in the spring vs. the summer, or the best way to till your garden. Researching will make all the difference in growing your garden and your green thumb.

  2. Basics That Every Plant Needs
    The basics that every plant needs are sunlight, soil, water, and food.

  3. Know the Difference Between Annuals and Perennials
    It is important to know the difference between annuals and perennials. Annuals need to be planted year after year. Perennials will not produce as big of a bloom as an annual, however, it will come back bigger and better next year.

  4. Your Spare Time
    Here, we are reminded that our spare time should reflect the size of our garden. If we do not have a lot of spare time, you may want to consider a smaller garden.

  5. Your Gardening Zone U.S. Gardening Region Map
    Specific plants and trees grow great in specific areas. Know what trees, shrubs, flowers, and other plants grow great in your area by determining what USDA Gardening Zone you are in.

  6. Deadheading
    Deadheading is a gardening term that you will see everywhere. It means when the flower has already bloomed and is fading, you remove the plants flowers. For more information on this, why it’s important, and how to do it, read Deadheading Made Easy – How to Supercharge Your Garden.

  7. Planting Luckily planting is not very difficult. Better Homes and Gardens has a great explanation on how to plant:

    “Dig a hole twice as wide as the plant’s container, pop the plant out of its container, and set it into the ground. Replace the soil around the plant. Water, and add mulch. Ta-da! You are done.”

  8. Add Mulch
    Adding mulch to your yard is a great idea for a few reasons. Mulch acts as a weed control, it helps soil retain moisture, provides insulation when the weather is cold, and adds finishing touch to your yard. For more information on mulch check out How to Choose the Right Mulch for Your Landscape.


These 8 gardening tips will help every new gardener get started on the right foot. From researching the plants and trees that grow best in certain gardening zones to adding mulch, these tips will help your garden flourish and reward you for all your hard work.

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