Annual Gardening Guide for the Southwest

Annual gardeing guide for the Southwest
Are you a gardener that lives in the Southwest Region of the United States? Each month of the year has special gardening tasks that should be done. This annual gardening guide is an entire year’s worth of gardening tips specifically designed for your area. Each month’s article covers a different gardening tips for your region. The gardening tips are broken down into four sections. Those four sections are,

U.S. Gardening Region Map

  • Landscaping Tips
  • Fruits and Vegetables Tips
  • Annual and Perennial Tips
  • General Gardening Tips

We recommend that you bookmark this page, so that you can visit these article all year long.

Your Annual Gardening Guide

  • January Gardening Tips
    January in the southwest is really unlike any other place in the country. Get ready to plant your hardy vegetables this month. Check out the link above to find how which vegetables to plant and more January gardening tips.
  • February Gardening Tips
    During the month of February, you will find yourself still planting. February is the perfect time to plant bare root trees and shrubs. For more gardening tips and tricks, please visit the link above.
  • March Gardening Tips
    It’s time for cool season planting. That includes vegetables like sweet corn, cucumbers, cantaloupe, sunflowers, and more. As the weather warms up, click on the link above to find tips and tricks for caring for your lawn.
  • April Gardening Tips
    April is full of more planting and tips on how to prepare for the summer’s heat.
  • May Gardening Tips
    One of the topics we cover in the May article is how to prevent your trees and shrubs for dying. One way to do that is by planting trees like the desert willow and palo verde. However, this article offers other tips as well.
  • June Gardening Tips
    If you are unsure what the recommended height of your lawn should be, don’t miss this article.You will also find recommendations on which vegetables to plant this month, how to get some color in your yard, and more.
  • July Gardening Tips
    Find out which trees will bring color to your yard and how to keep them alive during the hot summer months.
  • August Gardening Tips
    Are you wondering when you can start your fall vegetable garden and what you should plant in it? Learn the answers to both questions and more in our August article.
  • September Gardening Tips
    You will find yourself in your flower garden a lot this month. Don’t miss an amazing tip from Better Homes and Gardens by visiting the article in the like above on how to “fake” winter for your bulbs.

  • October Gardening Tips
    This is the last month to fertilize your lawn. Check out the link above so you don’t miss any October gardening tips.
  • November Gardening Tips
    Have you ever considered growing wildflowers in your yard? Or are you wondering if you should plant those cool-season crops? Find out in November’s article.
  • December Gardening Tips
    Should you continue to water your lawn as winter approaches this month? Does living in a higher elevation affect how often you should water landscape and plants? Find out the answers and learn how to prepare your landscape for the winter months with this December article.


From January through December, this annual gardening guide will help those who live in the Southwest Region of the United States. From planting hardy vegetables in January to preparing your landscape for winter, this collection of gardening tips and tricks is one your can use all year round.

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