Backyard Gardening: Thanksgiving Decorations You Grow

Thanksgiving decorations that you grow

Are you looking for ways to save money on your Thanksgiving decorations?

One of my favorite ways to decorate this autumn season is with the items grown right outside our doorstep. Thanksgiving can be costly enough with all the food to buy. Why add to that with decorations when your yard and garden are full of beautiful decorations?

This article provides 9 different decorating ideas. Each idea uses items that you can find outdoors from classic pumpkins and gourds to candled core apples and vases of dried wheat stalks.

Thanksgiving Decorations From Your Own Backyard

  1. Core apples from the apple tree in the backyard. Place a tea light candle, votive or taper in each one and set them on your Thanksgiving table. If you think they might tip, in an article 10 Budget Ideas for Thanksgiving Decorating, they recommend to put the apple in a martini glass.
  2. Use pine cones to dress the table up. Insert a card with the names of your guest into each pinecone. Add a touch of cinnamon to the pinecones or vanilla for a added bonus.
  3. Add the pumpkins and gourds from your backyard garden to your table.
  4. Use tall candle holders and instead of placing a candle, place a small pumpkin or gourd.
  5. Bundles of dried up wheat placed in vases can add a simple yet elegant touch.
  6. Create a Thankfulness tree. Midwest Living offers this idea for crafty Thanksgiving decorations. Search around outside for a bundle of branches. After bringing enough branches indoors, secure them in a vase with sand. On Thanksgiving invite your friends and family to write thankful notes on paper ornaments. With string hang those paper ornaments. You could even keep this as a keepsake.
  7. Acorns are another a great way to add unusual yet impressive decoration to your table or home for Thanksgiving. You could simply place them in a vase or add them votive.
  8. Ornamental kale will offer that little burst of fall color that will impress all your Thanksgiving guests.
  9. Freshly fallen leaves can make the perfect addition to the Thanksgiving table. Don’t hesitate to include leaves that are not quite perfect as their imperfections make them beautiful.

Thanksgiving decorations from your own backyard can not only be an economical option, but environmentally friendly as well.

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