Beginner Gardening Challenge: How to Plant Hydrangeas

How to Plant Hydrangeas

Are you new to gardening?

Would you like to see if you have a green thumb?

No occupation is so delightful to me as the culture of the earth, and no culture comparable to that of the garden.
~ Thomas Jefferson”

Today is Wednesday and that means it’s time for the Beginner Gardening Challenge. Every Wednesday, we post an article that is targeted for all of our beginner gardeners out there.

Are You New to Gardening? Are You Feeling Overwhelmed?

When you have never gardened before, it can feel overwhelming. We want to help you to not feel overwhelmed by providing information on easy to grow, plants, trees, and flowers. Today, we are looking at hydrangeas.

How to Plant Hydrangeas

We are going to start with some tips on planting hydrangeas. The Old Farmers Almanac has some great advice on how to plant hydrangeas,

Most hydrangeas thrive in rich, porous, somewhat moist soils. Add compost to enrich poor soil. They prefer full sun in the morning, with some afternoon shade; however, many will grow and bloom in partial shade. This is especially true for the big leaf hydrangeas. Plant in spring or fall.”

Time to Start Digging the Hole

When you have chosen the right spot and it is the right time of year, you are ready to start planting and to start digging the hole. The hole should be as deep as the root ball and at least 2 times as wide.

After you have prepared the hole, put the hydrangea in the hole and only fill in about half the soil. Next, water thoroughly and then fill in the rest of the hole with the soil. Water again.

You may have noticed that hydrangeas need a lot of water especially in the first few years after planting. We recommend that you install Rootwells around each hydrangea plant. This way, you will ensure that your plant gets the water, oxygen, and nutrients it needs to become strong and healthy.

Have you ever planted hydrangeas? Do you have a favorite variety?

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