Broccoli – Why Grow this Green Vegetable in Your Garden?

Why Grow Broccoli in Your Garden?

Are you looking to add something extra healthy to your garden this fall?

Do you love a good broccoli salad?

Recently, one of our friends has introduced me to broccoli salad. While the salad is not completely healthy with the added sugar, my whole family is now eating this green vegetable, willingly. Today, I want to share with you about why we should be growing broccoli in our gardens.

Health Reasons for Eating Broccoli

First let’s talk about the health reasons. Last year, Forbes published a great article that outlines what is so healthy about broccoli. There are many health reasons for eating the vegetable, that is a vitamin rich member of the cabbage family. Here are just a few:

  • Beautiful Skin: The glucoraphanin in broccoli actually helps create healthy skin and repairs damage skin.
  • Extra Protein: Did you know that broccoli is a source of protein?
  • Lots of Fiber: The fiber in broccoli helps to lower cholesterol.
  • Works to Fight Heart Disease: Broccoli helps to fight heart disease because of the lutein found in broccoli. Lutein has been shown to prevent the thickening of arteries.

Grow Broccoli During the Right Season

According to Organic Gardening, the best time to grow broccoli is during the fall,

The secret to the best-tasting broccoli is in the seasoning—not the spices, mind you, but the time of year. Healthy plants that matures during cool weather produces healthy heads that are sweeter tasting than those you pick at any other time. Grow it this fall, and you will enjoy the most tender and flavorful broccoli you’ve ever eaten—long after the summer garden is a memory.”

Easy to Grow Vegetable

Broccoli is fairly easy to grow in the right conditions. Different varieties have a different growing periods to reach maturity. For example, Flash, Gypsy and Umpqua varieties mature in approximately 60 days. For fall harvesting, plan to sow seeds according to the estimated growing time before the average initial frost. If you are going to plant established plants, the growing time will be shorter.

With the right tools, your broccoli plants will soon flourish. We recommend that you use Rootsticks when to ensure proper growth. The Rootstick is a direct to root water system that get the water, nutrients, and oxygen that the broccoli pants needs to grow and taste great. In addition, Rootsticks make watering your growing plants easier.

What is your favorite way to eat broccoli? Do you have any favorite recipes? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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