How to Care For Your Christmas Tree

Christmas tree care

Have you already put up your Christmas tree this year?

Does your living room have a fresh smell of Christmas?

We hope you had a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving weekend. Now that Thanksgiving weekend is over, it is finally time to start talking about Christmas. Doesn’t it feel like you have to get through Thanksgiving before you can start listening to Christmas music or put up your tree?

We’ve posted articles before about how to care for your Christmas tree. Today, you’ll find all the articles and a quick introduction to them. Make sure to bookmark this article because you may want to come back to this all season long.

  • How to Pick the Perfect Christmas Tree at the Farm
    If you are looking to share in the classical Christmas tradition of picking out your very own tree, please make sure to read this article before you head out to the farm.
  • The Top 5 Types of Christmas Trees
    While the traditional Douglas Fir took first on the list, there are 4 additional types of trees that may make a great Christmas tree for you and your family.
  • How to Keep a Potted Christmas Tree Alive
    Just because you are in an apartment or don’t want to cut down a tree doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy a fresh live Christmas tree. Keep your Christmas tree potted and with a few extra tips enjoy it all season long.
  • How to Keep Your Christmas Tree Alive
    With the tips offered in this article, you’ll be able to enjoy your tree until January.
  • How to Hang Lights on Your Christmas Tree
    Last year, we tried out one of these tips to hanging your Christmas tree lights and we were pleasantly surprised. This year, we hung them just like last year and love the way the tree looks. Check out the article to find out how we did it.

After Christmas has passed, we’ll publish another article sharing how to replant your live Christmas tree and how to dispose of your cut tree. In the meantime, enjoy your tree, take good care of it and we’ll see you back here on Wednesday for Beginner Gardening Wednesday.

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