How to Grow Mint At Home

Fresh herb mint and chocolate

Are you starting your own herb garden at home?

Does fresh mint for your brownies sound enticing?

Growing your own garden is great, but depending on where you live, the winter might try to dampen your spirits. The time has come for you to move your garden indoors. Unfortunately, we cannot move our whole garden inside, but we can move our herb garden indoors.

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How to Grow Herbs At Home

Growing herbs at home

Do you love the taste of fresh mint?

Would you like to grow your own herbs?

Happy Friday. Whether you love to cook or you are looking to save money or enjoy providing your family with organic foods, growing herbs in your home can fun and rewarding. In July, we posted an article called The Fab Five Herbs to Grown At Home. Now, we are taking it to the next level and introduce Herb Mondays.

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