3 Herbs You Didn’t Know Were Easy to Grow at Home

Chive plants in full bloom

Chive plants in full bloom

Do you love using fresh herbs to cook?

Today is Beginner Garden Wednesday. Every Wednesday, we are sharing tips and tricks to make gardening easy for every gardener. On this Wednesday, we are sharing about herbs.

Growing herbs at home is a great way to save money and it is very easy to do. Let’s take a look at a few herbs that are easy to grow at home.

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3 Types of Herbs That Naturally Purify Your Home

Herb lavender

Is your home getting stuffy with the winter air?

Would you love to naturally purify the air in your home?

Today, we would love to share with you 3 types of herbs that can actually purify the air in your home. These herbs can actually eliminate bad orders and ever lower carbon dioxide and they do it all naturally.

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How to Grow Sage at Home

Herb sage

Need some fresh sage for your turkey?

Do a lot of your recipes call for fresh sage?

Welcome to Herb Monday. Herb Monday is our latest series about sharing tips and tricks to growing herb indoors. Growing herbs indoors is great for all of us who live areas that are getting colder.

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5 Reasons Aeration Tubes will Enhance Your Herb Garden

Herb fresh mint

Looking for ways to grow a strong herb garden?

Happy Monday, and welcome to Herb Monday. Herb Monday is our latest series that shares helpful tips to growing herbs indoors. Last week, we discussed How to Save Money on Your Herb Garden through tips to move your outdoor garden indoor.

Today, we are sharing how using aeration tubes in your herb garden will provide you with the great tasting and long lasting herbs.

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How to Save Money on Your Herb Garden

Save money on herbs

Looking to keep cooking with fresh herbs?

Need a way to save on all those fresh herbs?

Welcome back to Herb Monday and happy Monday to you. Herb Monday is a series about tips and tricks to growing and beautiful herb garden indoors. Last week, we shared that lavender is often used for cooking and can even replace rosemary in many bread recipes in 4 Facts You Didn’t Know About Lavender.

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How to Grow Parsley Indoors

How to grow parsley indoors

Do you crave fresh parsley for your cooking?

Welcome back to Herb Mondays. Herb Monday is our series on how to grow herbs in your very own home. Last week, we learned about growing mint in How to Grow Mint At Home.

I love cooking for my family. There is something about creating a dish and then watching your family enjoy it. When I’m cooking, I prefer to use fresh herb. During this time of year, I’m moving my herb garden indoors. One of my favorite home grown herbs is parsley. It is so easy to grow in containers that can flourish indoors or out.

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